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Waking you up for the weekend

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Start your weekend with great music chat and trivia.

Bringing you all the local events and what’s-on information to keep the whole family entertained.

Latest news updates throughout the show with local and national news and weather.

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My first experiences behind a microphone came in the sixties and seventies, running a ‘mobile’ discotheque and performing everywhere from working-men’s clubs to The Grand Hotel. The first ‘Will On The Wireless’ was broadcast on Radio in Tavistock (sadly, no longer with us) in the late eighties. Now, almost thirty years later, it’s back on […]

About Me:  I have been with Riviera FM for about 2 and a half years, presenting, amongst other things, the recovery show. As a recovering alcoholic myself, I am in a good position to interview other people in recovery from various addictions, and the people that help them on their journey.  Before volunteering at Riviera, […]

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