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About me:  Co-presenter with Fran Whates on the Thursday Fran and Mave show                

About me:  Born in Paignton some years ago John has been a familiar voice on local radio for over two decades and his cheeky, charming and relatable style is still as infectious as it has always been.  He has presented on many local radio stations including Palm FM, Plymouth Sound, Gemini FM, South Hams Radio, […]

Gary Robbins: Looking good throughout the years About Me: Born in Wembley in London, been around music since the late 60’s. A qualified toolmaker / engineer working in the home counties as a semi pro dj. Went pro in 1974 and travelled the world for many years.  Worked most of Europe, & Scandinavia, Canaries, Middle-East, Hong […]

About Me:  Hello, I’m Fran, a young minded woman with a passion for life!  I love to put a smile on people’s faces, and I run an Entertainment Business that allows me to do just that.  Any excuse to dress up silly and make a fool of myself really !   I appeared in some Pantomimes […]

About Me:  I have been with Riviera FM for many years, presenting, amongst other things, the recovery show. As a recovering alcoholic myself, I am in a good position to interview other people in recovery from various addictions, and the people that help them on their journey.  Before volunteering at Riviera, I was a DJ […]

About Me: Profile to follow     Passion: Music, Entertainment and DIY Favourite Music/Artists: 80s Music Hobbies: DIY Favourite Things: 80s Music, Beer, Spending time with the family

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