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About Me:  I live with my partner in Newton Abbot, but I am originally from South Molton in North Devon.  I joined the RAF in 1968 involving myself on an internal radio station which broadcast to RAF St. Mawgan, my first show was in 1971.  I have presented programmes on hospital radio, a radio station in Hong Kong and a twelve year stint on the road with a mobile disco.  I have always been a keen radio fan, listening to Radio Luxembourg in the sixties,  being there when Radio One started in 1967 and many other radio stations that have sprung up over the years.  Riviera FM has taught me so much about being a presenter over the three years I have been with the station.

Passions:  Environmental issues, politics, astronomy and meteorology.

Favourite Music/Artists:  Music wise I am fairly broadminded, but I generally play hits from across the decades.

Hobbies:  Old British cars, trains, radio, music, photography, art, walking and gardening.

Favourite Things:  Roast dinner, walking on Dartmoor, flying and visiting other countries.

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