Peter Davies

About me: I am happily married to Karen. I am a Locksmith, with my own business. A previous incarnation was as a DJ. I started professional DJ-ing in the mid 1970’s. Worked in Blackpool and London. And quite a few one-nighters around the country. Moved to Torquay in the early 80’s and was the first jock at the “Hop‘n’Grapes’ in Torquay. The “hope and grope” as it was affectionately called! Dj’d at ‘Claire’s’, then the ‘Parrot (still regarded as the best fun-pub in Torquay), The Hideaway night club, where I later became the Manager. I was Station Manager at Torbay Hospital Radio, from 1984-1994. Where from its humble beginnings in the basement next to the Morgue, due to hard work and great teamwork I managed to secure a proper studio underneath the, at the time, newly built ICU, where I understand it still broadcasts from. I was involved with BBC Radio Devon in its infancy and a presenter on Devon Air Radio in the mid-nineties.

Passions: Bears! Wildlife in general, but bears are my favourite!

Hobbies: Photography (still sell the odd image through an on-line Stock Library.) Spending time with Family and close friends. I read a lot, and like to see live bands.

Favourite Music/Artists. Well, all my favourite artists are now dead. Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Prince, (most of) Thin Lizzy. It may sound trite, but I like all-sorts of music. The best, no matter which genre, will make the small hairs on my neck stand, or, make me sing out loud, or bring tears to my eyes! The best of the best will make all three happen!

Favourite Things: Children’s laughter. Animals enjoying life. Spring’s new growth and autumn’s colours.

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