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About Me:  I have been presenting music for over 30 years on various radio stations and clubs and now the host of Riviera FM’s Breakfast show.  I have expertise and experience in many different areas of entertainment, from radio stations and cruise liners to theatre and film, and been at the forefront of it all!  Working with companies such as P&O, Cunard and even managing venues such as the London Hippodrome and Empire Leicester Square to name a few.  He’s witty, funny and loves the occasional rant (his words)

Passions:  I feel passionate about recognising organisations who help others in the community and enjoy seeing people succeed and believe no one needs to be alone if we help each other in life!

Favourite Music/Artists:  I love to relax at home to classic midler, McCartney, Diamond. Loud hearty ballads, In the car more west end and Broadway shows , when selecting my music for the show a lot of it based on memories, I will hear a track from my youth, and when I was fortunate to move around the UK clubs as a manager. I have a wide and varied listening appetite

Hobbies:  sleeping, cooking and definitely eating.

Favourite Things:  watching TV, classic movies and helping other people.

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